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My art represents hardwork and determination.

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The wood you see below was all precision cut by myself with a miter saw. Yes all hand cut. Precision Measured. They have to be perfect to hang and stretch correctly. I have meticulous standards, trust me. I originally wanted to be an Architect.

I have been doing this a long time! When I say limited edition, believe it. I do not know how much longer I will offer these.

It takes me 2 1/2 full hours of non-stop cutting to get wood for 100 frames. That is 400 individual pieces of wood, and over 2000 cuts.

and only about 1 months of orders. I get 5 request per week.

Then with my helper ( I don't have one right now) we can build all 100 frames in 1 hour. I hired Chris Mcginnis a University of Arizona graduate student

to help me build, and prime canvases. He no longer helps as he graduated in 2010 having moved to Pittsburgh to teach.

Since then , I build them myself. I have built about 400 frames per month since 2008. ( The economy has slowed down immensely but that does not stop me from painting.)

I get about 2 or 3 orders per week if I market national on Craigslist with a lot of worldwide visibility on Google.

Say what you want about my marketing technique. I consider my self a hard working person with a goal. I have always tried to offer the best of my talents at a great price.


At one time when the economy was swift, I had about 3 assistants helping me build frames, so I could focus on painting.

I have also built my web-site from scratch, and marketed myself via google or craigslist since 2005. Not an easy task.

and not recommended for any artist out there who think its easy or the way to sell art.. Art should always be sold for market value or atleast gallery value.

I learned the hard way, but now I am living in Los Angeles and showing my artworks at mainstream galleries for $800 and up.


3 hefty containers , in my SUV to the park ramada to find shade.

What you see below is only about 4 orders. Each set has 5 paintings.

It looks so easy, but you try hammering one frame together.

and the fun part , stretching it without smashing your thumb!

FYI - usually the people that banged there finger once quit within one week. Not for the faint hearted.



The gallery / studio (below) closed in 2010 when I moved to Los Angeles. I still call Tucson my home. Now painting in my Tucson back yard,

or my driveway in Los Angeles.

I aim for perfection and beauty.






Where am I going - The future 2012 and Beyond.

I have many new ideas on the pallette for 2012, Please scroll to the bottom to see my lastest Resin Paintings!

and I have more excitement on the way for the galleries in Los Angeles! I also plan on going back to portraits and my POP ART

roots. WATCH FOR IT HERE! or find me on TWITTER HERE


New works - Resin on wood 72"x24" - 3 " depth.

Original $2800

"Copper Bronze Tigers Eye" Original one of a kind $2800 Resin over Acrylic on wood. 72"x24" depth 3" inch wood



Original $2800

"The Secret Garden " Original one of a kind $2800, Resin over Acrylic on wood. 72"x24" depth 3" inch wood



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