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" E v e r y o n e ..w h o ..s e e s ..i t ..j u s t ..l o v e s .. i t ! "

"Unbeatable price. Everyone comments on it and thinks we bought it at an art gallery." - a buyer

"I was looking on the net for a good deal on art, when I found Robert's splashyart site, I've spent a lot on expensive art, and some lower priced giclee print framed art that I have found on Amazon that was just mediocre. When I saw Robert's splashy art upon arrival i was truly amazed. First of all, this art is worthy of any gallery where I have spent thousands of dollars. He layers everything like a million times, the textures are incredible. Now I know galleries mark up art substantially, I love art and all about supporting original artist. I ended up buying 3 more pieces from him. It doesn't get more original than that. Recommend! - Kevin - Scottsdale

-We are very happy with your art work. I have it hanging in our restaurant in Bel Air, California and already people are asking where we got it and for your web site address. I'm sure you will get new business out of this. Warmly, Valerie D

"I am in love with your work! I recently purchased your espresso tree painting
and would like to purchase many more of your pieces because I'm moving into a new home very soon.
Are there any pieces that are not on this website that I could take a look at? "
Thank you for the great art. I love what your doing! Huge fan!" - Derek W.


--The Downtown Artist - Contact Robert R

"The colors are stunning, the art looks amazing in our home." - a customer

"They arrived fast, and the customer service was excellent. " - a customer

"I was looking for something beautiful and I found it. " - a customer

Robert, your painting is stunning.  We've remodeled an old house over 7 years and have had one large wall begging for this work.  It pulls a large open space area in our house together.  We admire it from every angle and different lighting during the day.  As we walk down the long driveway, it lights up the house.  I found your website on a break at work strolling through craigslist. I was looking for something to compliment our living room colors, and your work caught my eye right away and I went to tour website.  Just wanted you to know! - Janet J


I received the 5 original pieces of art that was ordered last week.  Just a note to let you know they arrived in excellent condition and absolutely exceeded our expectations!  My daughter came home from work to see them - she was thrilled!!!!  They'll be 'on the wall' tonight!

Thank you so much for such a prompt response.  You're a very gifted and talented artist. 

Have a great day!  Vivian E


Hi Robert... the 3 panels look great on our wall. Perfect fit. Plz keep me informed of your progress at the new gallery, and get a sneak peep at the facility..... let me know - J


Thank you for viewing and expressing interest in my art!

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